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Woodworm Herb information                                                

Woodworm herb is a shrub like perennial herb that is grayish and white in color the leaves are hairy
on both sides and have a silver like tint to them. WoodWorm is mostly native
to the European continent. Woodworm grows anywhere from one to three feet in height.
producing leaves that have a smooth and hairy texture.

Some of the folk names for Woodworm include warmot,mugwort,and absinth.the Germans
called Woodworm grabkraut, alsem,and wermut.the french called wormwood absinthe,and aluine.The spanish
called woodworm herb ajenjo and the italians called it assenzio romano.

Woodworm herb has been known to grow under a varity of soil conditions, but prefers soils that have a
good concentration of lime available.Woodworm can be found growing in places such as gardens,
waste areas,riverbanks,creek banks,cliffs,along hiking trails, pastures,and ditches.The flowers bloom
anywhere between july and november.

                                  Woodworm Herb Image                          

The Woodworm herb has become very popular over the years based on its ability to kill
and dispel intestinal worms and parasites from the body.It is also touted for its ability
to encourage active digestion, and help stimulate the secretion of stomach acid.

Research hs shown that the woodworm herb contains a number of compounds such as
sesquiterpene lactones,azeulenes and thujone. The azeulenes appear along with stinging nettle to be anti-inflammatory
In nature,and the sesquiterpene lactones are anti-cancer in nature.

Woodworm was used in times past as a additive to beer and other types of liquor,and was used as a
flavoring ingredient because of its bitter taste.These alcoholic beverages were consumed for there
medicinal purposes. Woodworm beverages made in combination with other herbs are not necessarily
dangerous,and can be beneficial in nature.but only in moderation.
Woodworm mixtures can be extremely dangerous if consumed over a long periods of time in large enough

It is not advisable to take Woodworm for any length of time longer than six weeks.Woodworm
can be very dangerous to pregnant women and probably should not be consumed at all.

The Woodworm herb has also been used in house hold applications to help rid the premises of pests such
as fleas,bedbugs and lice.Woodworm was also used to keep away flies and other insects and to help
prevent bookworms from destroying expensive books.


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